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Before the Note 7 fiasco, there was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active debacle, which now looks positively minor in comparison. After introducing the flagship Galaxy S7 to rave reviews in March — we still love it, by the way — Samsung trotted out the Galaxy S7 Active, a variant equipped with a beautiful display, speedy processor, microSD card slot, excellent 12-megapixel rear camera, and supersised battery.

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Unfortunately, it received its share of unwelcome attention for issues related to its most highly-touted feature: waterproofing — or its lack thereof. Though Samsung has fixed the problem on its manufacturing line — and we’ve verified the fix — the Galaxy S7 Active’s inconsistent performance in water sapped our enthusiasm, and we can no longer recommend the phone with complete confidence.

Meanwhile, Apple has since released its water-resistant iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which appear to live up to their billing when forced to take a dunk. As covered in our full review, the iPhone 7 also takes great photos, provides long battery life, and delivers fast performance, though it lacks a number of the Galaxy Note 7’s cutting-edge features such as iris scanner, wireless charging and wrap-around screen.

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